Fedegari: a single goal

We always had a single goal: to build the world's best machines.
Some might find this to be conceited, but it is rooted in well-established values and confirmed by thousands of successful references. One of these values is the courage or a promise, no matter how small or great.
Every smallest detail of the machine and of the process is analyzed to seek the simplest and most reliable solution.
Continuous experimentation also taught what was unclear initially and the goal was approached step by step with the dissatisfaction of someone how never feels entirely fulfilled and is already thinking of the next step forward.
Years later, our goal is unchanged. This isn't an advertising slogan. If you don't believe us, come to visit us.
Every time you'll look at a machine you'll ask yourself whether it has a soul: the soul of the people who conceived it and build it. 

Latest News

Last Thursday 10th the new facilities were officialy presented to customers and business partners in the warmest Italian style
Agalloco & Associates - 2015 Training offerings
This year, two different courses in US will cover all the subjects relevant to sterilization and beyond.
Key factors for developing a pharmaceutical cleaning strategy - Part 2
This article discusses the removal of bacterial endotoxins in a washing process and the need for a continuous monitoring activity according to common cleaning validation practices. Results of washing tests performed with different load materials following an effective cleaning strategy to remove microbiological soil are presented.
Case study: Implementing a fully integrated solution for the food industry
This paper describes the implementation of a fully integrated solution for optimizing sterilization process in one of the biggest European tuna can manufacturers.

Integrated projects for high-throughput manufacturing lines

Fedegari's technology and know-how in our new video.
The process controller that runs all Fedegari machines.
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