Integrated Systems

Automation is becoming a more and more important issue for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Robotics bring many advantages for the industry, from different points of view.

On the cost saving side, automation reduces personnel training costs and eliminates human errors, improving overall efficiency.

From a qualitative point of view, automation enhances repeatability and reproducibility, protects operators from hazardous substances and, in sterile environments, reduces the risk of human contamination.

During the last years, Fedegari has developed fully integrated robotized solutions to for different customers and needs increasing cost-effectiveness.

Hereunder you can find a couple of examples of integrated systems we have engineered and developed, together with our customers, to reach the highest levels of productivity in their pharmaceutical plants.

LVP bags plant

Pre-filled Syringes plant

Flexible Aseptic Cell


We can study a customized solution for your needs. Contact us to learn how Fedegari can increase the cost-effectiveness of your processes.