FVA/A1 – Vertical Lab Sterilizer

When technology and design come together.

Equipped with validated operating software DCS PLUS 10.

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The FVA/A1 Vertical Lab Sterilizer combines design with excellent performances and simplicity of use.

The automatic vertical sterilizer FVA/A1 has been specifically designed and developed to meet the most demanding application requirements in many different sectors, from universities to quality control laboratories in pharma, food or cosmetics industrial sectors.

FVA/A1 autoclave is the perfect solution for highly specialized fields and challenging customers worldwide that demand exclusive, reproducible and validated processes. These sterilizers have been designed with ergonomical features for easy handling and daily use.

The basic version of FVA/A1 can be used for standard processes and is easy to configure, thanks to its conceptual design and modular construction with exclusive optional kits.

Please, click on the link “suggested kits” on the right to check out all possible configurations referred to FVA/A1 series.

Design and Technical Features

FVA/A1 autoclaves are available with two different chamber volumes: 75 litres (FVA2) or 140 litres (FVA3). FVA/A1 lab sterilizers are equipped with AISI 316 L stainless steel chamber and lid with automatic independent operation and control.

The access to the technical area is assured by a wide front door with a special safety lock for easy maintenance. The exclusive horizontal swivelling lid has a patented seal with compressed air system for perfect airtight, safety and easy maintenance.

FVA/A1 is equipped with sanitary pneumatic diaphragm valve, AISI 316 L stainless steel components and electropolished mirror finished chamber. An internal heat exchanger, made of AISI 316 L stainless steel and a fan for rapid cooling system can be integrated in the lid.

The DCS plus 10 process controller allows fully programmability: 30 cycles easy to customize in a multi-user environment and an interface for remote monitoring via Ethernet protocol. The operating software is fully validated and documented.


Key benefits

  • Satisfies the most rigid requirements of safety and quality according to international standards
  • New materials providing chemical inert insulation and both thermal and acoustic: smoother, quieter and safer operations
  • Energy saving system
  • Functional and attractive design
  • High level of programming and control versatility
  • Innovative and unique modular design
  • Ideal positioning of operator´s panel and printer
  • Optimized loading height from floor
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  • Details
  • FOB2 Tab

  • Accessories
  • Option Kits and Accessories

    Programs for sterilization involving steam and air mixture cycle;
    Fast high-efficiency cooling system;
    Pre- and post-vacuum, single or fractionated, with liquid-ring pump;
    Decontamination cycle for high-risk pathogenic wastes;
    Effluent discharge filtration kit for waste treatment with automatic filter sterilization;
    Safety device (thermal interlock) in compliance with TRB 402;
    DCS LINK for remote data archiving on a PC over the 21 CFR Part 11 protocol;
    DCS LOGGER for managing data according to the 21 CFR Part 11 protocol;
    MDD certification possible using optional kit conforming to EU medical directives.

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