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27 August 2019


Our company designs and develops machines employed in the production of sterile drugs. Manufacturing independently the single components, Fedegari became a full partner to the industry giants.

“From machine-makers to complete-solutions-suppliers. This is the true change the group is undergoing nowadays”. Giuseppe Fedegari, Fedegari Group President, together with his brother Paolo Fedegari (CEO), represents the factory’s second generation and kept the headquarter in Albuzzano, a small town nearby Pavia. The sector consists in the machinery production for the pharmaceutical industry. “The company produces machines- Giuseppe Fedegari explains- for the production of sterile drugs. The processes are critical, always certified by regulatory entities, in Italy, for example, by the Agenzia del Farmaco (AIFA), in order to guarantee the safety of the product.” Already about fifteen years ago, we definitely left behind the hospital market. Nowadays the company is completely focused on the manufacturing of various process machines, not exclusively sterilizers for the production of sterile drugs.”

Ever since the historical autoclaves, which made well-known the Fedegari brand around the world, there has been a great evolution. “Yet, we preserved- Fedegari Group’s president goes on- the traditional feature, which always distinguished Fedegari from all its competitors: to manufacture ourselves all the components of the machines, which is the only way to control the technology and the performances. For example, to be concrete, whether in the past a sterilizer performance were measured on the temperature uniformity during the process, nowadays we must guarantee a productivity of the whole system and no longer of a single machine, which is much more complicated: we have to start from the product analysis, the packaging, the various processes, up to how to transfer the product from one machine to another, always maintaining sterile conditions.”


All the machinery produced by Fedegari is custom-made, made to order and for the single pharmaceutical customer. Considering that about the 90% of Fedegari sales figures come from abroad, the global market has led to the gradual opening of another 7 offices in different countries (Switzerland, Germany, Usa, Singapore, China, Russia and India). “We opened the last one this year in India- Giuseppe Fedegari confirms- just after the one in Russia at the beginning of 2019, Shangai in 2017 and in Singapore in 2008. We open these locations to be closer to our customers and allow them to use our machines more efficiently. Yet, we always kept the production here, in Albuzzano, where are to be found about 350 of our 500 employees. Researching and training are other fundamental aspects for a production constantly innovating. “

In the last years, we have promoted multiple partnerships with the universities – Giuseppe Fedegari recalls- for example, with Pavia (with the Master in GMP Compliance and Validation in the pharmaceutical industry) and we offer training and education to various target groups, not only the clients who employ the machines, but also pharmaceutical industry’s inspectors.”

The factory, the key strength: “We are free to make long-term investments”

Founded in 1953 by the Fedegari brothers Gianpiero and Fortunato, “metal artisans”, respectively uncle and father of the current chiefs of a business which remained family-owned, Fedegari Group has a revenue of over 65 million euros. A business that has more than doubled in the last 10 years, with investments around 10 million euro in the last 2 years. And the prospects, however, are of continuous growth and expansion.

“We are going through a practically unique historical situation – explains the president Giuseppe Fedegari – in which the main competitors are progressively abandoning the specific sector. We are different: being a family company, we have no shareholders to whom having to guarantee short-term capital bonuses, we are free to invest in the long term as well. And we keep investing to maintain the growth.”

Training Center USA

“Working on order, the production times are very long, even up to 18 months between the design and construction of the machinery – adds Giuseppe Fedegari-  the customers take an active part in this production process, in a continuous and constant dynamic between manufacturer and client.
We are the first to stimulate innovation by suggesting new solutions to customers. But if we won’t take risks, we won’t be entrepreneurs.”


Translated from ‘IL GIORNO’ – 04/29/2019