Achema 2015

3 April 2016

Excellence in wine and cuisine. Two distinctive Italian products; both a fine combination of tradition and innovation.

In order to succeed in creating unique results one starts from experience. At the same time however, to reach unexpected new results one must dare to try new paths. This is excellence, reached through a passionate vision in the most authentic Italian style.

At Fedegari we are committed to create the future with the same Italian recipe: learning from tradition and innovating through ambitious experimentation.

Our latest challenge? Delivering turn-key fully integrated systems with guaranteed performances.

At Achema 2015 we will surprise you with some examples. While you will look around and try to imagine how these concepts will rock your professional world, our personal friends, the internationally renowned Italian Chef Bruno Cingolani and one of the best oenologists in Italy, Carlo Casavecchia will guide you on a unique sensory experience.

Our culinary uniqueness and latest developments will challenge you as much as nobody else will.

Stop by our booth and discover what makes Italy such a unique country.

Achema 2015

Frankfurt, Germany

Booth B68, Hall 6.1

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