Bruno Cingolani: creativity and excellence in the kitchen

3 April 2016

Bruno Cingolani began working in front of restaurant stoves at a very young age. A native of the Marche region, he left the Adriatic Sea for Piemonte, and for 12 years has run his Dulcis Vitis restaurant in Alba.

Bruno, you have been cooking for nearly forty years, and now, surrounded by young foreigners…

‘Yes, besides my work cooking, I have been active in promoting cooking skills in others. I have cooked and held seminars in Brasil, the USA, Taiwan, Mexico, and Russia. And, I have also organized personalized cooking courses here, in my restaurant. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of Italian cuisine, acquired in the forty years of my career, with young people from around the world. The young cooks recharge my energy.’

Your cooking is not just with tradition recipes.

‘I feel very creative. As an artist uses oil paints to create a painting, I use nature’s ingredients, every day, to create my specialties. I am priviledged to be positioned here in the Langhe, amidst an extraordinary variety of colors, scents and flavors. One must only ‘read the nature’.’

What does that mean?

‘One must try to break a recipe down into its basic ingredients. If you know their essentials, if you know how to “read them”, and you know the possibilities for combining and transforming them… if you know how each one reacts to different methods of cooking… then you can successfully express yourself with creativity.’

… vinum laetificat cor hominis

‘The name of my restaurant is ‘Dulcis Vitis’. I added the Latin phrase: ‘vinum laetificat cor hominis’, which is actually of Hebrew origin. Quoted from a verse of the biblical Book of Psalms (Psalms 105 verse 15) ‘… and wine gladdens the heart of man…’. I intend it as a homage to the ancient cultivation of grapevines in these Langhe and Roero hills.’

Marco Negro

Source: ICIF – Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners