Fedegari at APIC 2015 – Arab Pharmaceutical Industry Congress

3 April 2016

Recently, Fedegari has expanded its product range to offer increasingly integrated solutions for your applications. Besides our well known moist-and dry-heat sterilizers, ultra-washers and chemical bio-decontamination machines, we are proud to present you new solutions integrated with innovative robotized handling systems.

Addressing the critical need for high process repeatability in bio-decontamination, Fedegari has designed and developed in-house a completely new H2O2 vaporizer. This innovation guarantees a complete process control when integrated into our bio-decontamination units. In addition, Fedegari has engineered an innovative sterility test isolator with in-built H2O2 vaporizer fully managed by our Thema4 process controller.

Come and visit us at APIC 2015 to discover what Fedegari is working at and how we can add value to your processes!

Fedegari will be at the booth of our System Integrator Akhnaton.

During the event, our Manager for Global Integrated Projects, Sergio Mauri, will hold two different seminars:

•    Drug Sterility Test: Taking Benefits from Isolator Technology

•    Chemical Surface Bio- Decontamination Applied to Material Transfer into Sterile Enclosures

We look very much forward to meeting you there!

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