US FDA Inspectors in Fedegari for training on Steam Sterilization

10 October 2016

Fedegari Tech Center provided training on Steam Sterilization for 11 US FDA inspectors


It was a great pleasure to receive FDA (Food and Drug Administration) inspectors for the second time this year at Fedegari Tech Center, Sellersville, PA (USA). Fedegari Training & Education team was proud to count with Jim Agalloco, the internationally recognized expert on aseptic manufacturing, in a two-days Seminar on Moist-heat Sterilization: Principles, applications, challenges & Validation.


The program included also hands-on sessions with Fedegari machines and a seminar on the use and main challenges of biological indicators provided by Fedegari R&D experts.


The customized training for 11 FDA inspectors took place on September 21st and 22nd.

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