Fedegari opens state-of-the-art Technology Center in Philadelphia

3 April 2016

PRESS RELEASE / Doc. 392784 / July 22, 2015

Sellersville (PA)– Fedegari is a world-class reference manufacturer in the field of sterilization by virtue of the many innovations introduced in machines and processes for the bio/pharmaceutical industry. A unique feature of the company is its extreme verticalization. Fedegari always rejected the idea of assembling sophisticated machines with commercial components (designed for a variety of applications) but sought to design and develop components and machines in-house in order to acquire deeper knowledge of every detail that may affect the performance of a machine.

Recently, Fedegari Technologies has completed the construction of a new facility and innovative Technology Center to improve the interaction with customers from process development to all levels of continuous education in the field of sterilization and contamination control.


The world and our market are now showing some clear signs of change and the need to increase efficiency and reliability in manufacturing is presenting some unique opportunities to develop a new business model. Fedegari has started working on various innovative solutions taking an original approach: rather than focusing on a component or a technology, we are investing in developing deeper knowledge. Our facilities in the US – which are now ready to open to our customers – have been designed specifically for this: to allow our customers to develop a much deeper understanding of our technologies and our products”, says Giuseppe Fedegari, President of Fedegari Technologies.


The opening ceremony will include presentations by authorities, customers and pharma experts who will share their vision about how to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness and how the industry will develop in the next years.


Andrea Canepari, Italian Consul General in Philadelphia and James Agalloco, the internationally recognized expert on aseptic manufacturing, are some of the speakers that have already confirmed their presence at the event. Agalloco will share his experience on a presentation entitled “The Importance of Technical Knowledge in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing”.


Commercial scale pharmaceutical manufacturing requires knowledge of many factors that assure a successful outcome. Fedegari brothers, Fortunato and Gianpiero understood this from the beginning. What we see here today is the latest demonstration of The Fedegari Group’s commitment to lifelong learning for the benefit of their customers and the patients we ultimately all serve”, emphasizes Agalloco.


After the presentation session, the guests will explore the new Technology Center, which includes the sterilizers for process development and testing, the simulator training rooms and the technical support area; they will have the opportunity to learn more about the various opportunities presented by Fedegari.


“Scope of this new facility is also to understand – directly from the operators – where our equipment and process require to be improved, if we want to improve overall efficiency. We must use any possible means to reduce the complexity of our own machines and the end-users have a lot of knowledge to share. Only by understanding their wishes and their difficulties, we can truly develop user-friendly systems and this, in turn, assures us enough challenges for the next years. Such challenges are guiding us in taking all strategic decisions for the growth of our world-wide organization”, concludes Fedegari.


During the event, the guests will have the opportunity to taste the product of Fedegari latest business venture: wines. The ceremony will close with a standing dinner.

About Fedegari Technologies, Inc.


Since the early Eighties Fedegari has been operating in the US pharmaceutical market. Considering the importance and the potential of this market, Fedegari decided to establish a commercial branch in Dublin (PA) in 2007. Fedegari Technologies, Inc. has set a goal to directly support its customers – from North to South America. In 2014, Fedegari Technologies moved into the new facility in Sellersville (PA) with the goal to create a location where end-users could collaborate directly with the manufacturer without the need to fly abroad.

About Fedegari Group


Fedegari Autoclavi SpA is the holding company of the Italian industrial group manufacturing customized process machines, plants and the relevant components for the bio/pharmaceutical and food industry worldwide. The know-how of the group lies in the field of sterile and clean processes and encompasses different technologies and products.


Fedegari Autoclavi SpA was created by the will of brothers Giampiero and Fortunato Fedegari in the early Fifties in Pavia, Italy, as a small handicraft business dedicated to the manufacture of miscellaneous sheet metal products. It soon developed into the production of sterilizers, progressively specializing in the design of these machines for applications in the pharmaceutical field. Starting from the early Nineties, Fedegari diversified its production also in the field of processes with supercritical fluids (predominantly CO2), designing and building systems and machines intended mainly for extraction processes (highly customized plants operating at pressures of 200-500 bar) and cleaning units (standard machines operating at pressures of 50-70 bar). Today, Fedegari is an industrial group controlling 6 companies worldwide employing approx. 400 people with consolidated revenues of 51 MEUR (ref. FY 2014), 85-90% of which is exported mainly towards Western Europe, the USA, India and China.

Today Fedegari has expanded the range of products to include machines for bio-decontamination processes (one of the technologies introduced after the acquisition of Bio Com in 2010), contamination control, isolators, rotary sterilizers and combined sterilizers for washing and sterilization for various applications. Another interesting development is the Thema4 process control installed on all the equipment manufactured by Fedegari. Thema4 is the only process controller developed from the outset to meet the strictest requirements of the pharmaceutical industry; it is constantly developing to ensure simplified interaction between the operator and the increasingly complex process equipment; Thema4 is also capable of integrating natively with SCADA and MES systems in use.






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