Fedegari Technologies is proudly sponsoring Ciao Philadelphia 2015

3 April 2016

The Expo 2015 being held in Milan highlights the need for sustainability in the food industry and the challenges related to this important issue. Traditionally, Italy offers many primates extensively described in the original series of events Ciao Philadelphia, not only in the food industry. The Italian cultural month Ciao Philadelphia is a 360-degree immersion in the Italian culture, where the achievements of the past come together with the ongoing challenges of the present and the many ambitions for the future.

The great variety of subjects covered by the month-long series of events may attract a wide range of public, private and professional, including the companies that keep alive the Italian evolution in every field through their technology and investments in R&D.

Fedegari, as one of these Italian companies characterized by a long tradition of innovation in its sector, is proud to sponsor the event celebrating and sharing with all the participants the important values on which is based  the initiative of Ciao Philadelphia.

Ciao Philadelphia truly has something to offer everyone. Daily events throughout October include opera, concerts, film screenings, food celebrations, exhibits, Italian race cars, performances and lectures, to name a few. Major highlights this year are the tours uniquely created for Ciao Philadelphia. From the historical tours at Independence Hall and Union League to the cultural tours at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Ciao Philadelphia highlights the international nature of the region established through the influence of its Italian and Italian American community.

The cultural festival is dedicated to one of the largest and most established communities of Italian and Italian-Americans in the world. The aim of the initiative is to bring together Italians, Italian Americans and friends of Italy to emphasize, through the sharing of high-profile initiatives, the importance of the contribution of Italian culture in Philadelphia.

“Greater Philadelphia boasts one of the largest and most accomplished Italian-American communities in the United States. The birthplace of the United States of America, Philadelphia is a city deeply connected to Italian values and the Italian way of life, exemplified by the rich universities, museums, art centers and neighborhoods and contributions of Italian heritage. I am proud to announce that the Consulate General of Italy—in partnership with area civic, academic, cultural and business leaders—is launching the second edition of Ciao Philadelphia in October 2015 after the success of its inaugural year in 2014”, said Andrea Canepari, Consul General of Italy in Philadelphia.

Ciao Philadelphia is a way to appreciate the Italian cultural heritage and connect the region with contemporary Italy, opening doors for even more economic and academic exchanges. “We are pleased to be working with the Italian Consulate and its partners to highlight the best of Italy and our Italian American community throughout October” says, Giuseppe Fedegari, President of Fedegari Technologies, Inc.

Fedegari opens state-of-the-art Technology Center in Philadelphia

Recently, Fedegari Technologies has completed the construction of a new facility and innovative Technology Center to improve the interaction with customers from process development to all levels of continuous education in the field of sterilization and contamination control.

The opening ceremony on September 10th received more than 60 guests including Andrea Canepari, Italian Consul General in Philadelphia, who shared his vision about an economic dialogue and a common path to the future for Philadelphia and Italy.

“A place of innovation, cooperation and learning. What we have dreamed about now is ready”, celebrates Giuseppe Fedegari, President of Fedegari Technologies. The new 10,000-square-foot facilities with the innovative Technology Center has been considered something unique in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry: a place where end-users and experts can meet to exchange experiences for developing new and cost-effective solutions to real-world problems. For that, Fedegari have invested $1.9 million in the building and real estate, and $1 million for the equipment installed in the new facilities.

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