Fedegari Tech Center UK


Fedegari Tech Center UK is located at Steritech Ltd (our strategic partner) headquarters in Salford’s, Surrey, near Gatwick Airport, UK.
In this facility our customers can count on the support of Fedegari approved technicians and R&D experts to perform a range of different activities from product trials, process development and process simulation as well as technical training and demonstration.
Tech Center UK is equipped with the following machines and equipment:

Lab equipment:

FOB5-XL Laboratory Steam-air Sterilizer

Incubator for BI studies

Laboratory refrigerator for client trials

High precision scales for load dryness studies

Industrial equipment:

FOWS Washer-sterilizer with decontamination containment option

Training zone:

Dedicated Thema4 workstation for training and demonstration

Dedicated training room for theory/practical training
The courses offered at Tech Center UK are:

When Trainers Course
TBD-CLEANING: basic principles & process validation
TBD-MOIST-HEAT STERILIZATION: principles, applications & challenges
TBD-STEAM STERILIZERS Process Validation Specialist Course
November 28-30, 2017Maria Luisa Bernuzzi, Darren Beckett (Steritech Ltd), David Scales (Steritech Ltd), Paul Bedingfield, Umberto Romanello (Steritech Ltd), Sara FerrettiSterilization Week - London Edition

Fedegari Tech Center UK