Tech Center Italy



Fedegari Technology Center Italy is located in our headquarters, in Albuzzano (PV), Italy.

In this facility our customers can count on the support of Fedegari technicians and R&D experts to perform different tests, to evaluate processes and to develop their very own cycle.

Tech Center Italy is equipped with the following machines:


Lab equipment:

FVA3/ A1  Vertical Steam Sterilizer

FGW Glassware Washer

BINDER incubator


Industrial equipment:

FOAF  Steam Sterilizer / Steam-air Sterilizer

FOWS   Washer-sterilizer


FOD  Dry-heat Sterilizer (Depyrogenation Oven)


FOW  Super-heated water sterilizer


FCDV Chemical bio-decontamination unit (hydrogen peroxide)


The training courses offered at Fedegari Tech Center Italy are:


When Trainers Course
TBD-Insights in chemical bio-decontamination: design, applications & validation of H2O2 processes
TBD-Overcoming challenges in a sterility testing isolator
March 22, 2017-MOIST-HEAT STERILIZATION: principles, applications & challenges
March 23, 2017-STEAM STERILIZERS Process Validation Specialist Course

Tech Center Italy