Fedegari Tech Center USA


Fedegari Tech Center USA is located in Sellersville (PA) within Fedegari Technologies, Inc. facilities.

In Fedegari Tech Center USA customers can benefit from technical support, training and R&D personnel expertise on process and cycle development. 

According to your specific needs and the loads to be treated we can study together the most effective process, performing tests and delivering a tailor made solution for your bio-pharma or food manufacturing challenges.

Fedegari Tech Center USA is equipped with the following process machines for hands-on training and tests:


Lab Division:

BINDER incubator


Industrial Division:

FCDV   Chemical bio-decontamination unit (hydrogen peroxide)

FOAF   Steam sterilizer / Steam-air sterilizer (moist-heat)

FOWS   Washer-sterilizer 

FOW   Super-heated water sterilizer


The training courses offered at Fedegari Tech Center USA are:

When Trainers Course
TBD-CLEANING: basic principles & process validation
TBD-Insights in chemical bio-decontamination: design, applications & validation of H2O2 processes
TBD-MOIST-HEAT STERILIZATION: principles, applications & challenges
March 9, 2017-STEAM STERILIZERS Process Validation Specialist Course

Fedegari Tech Center USA