FOB4 – Stand-alone Lab Sterilizer

High flexibility. Process optimization.

The smart autoclave.

Bio-pharmaceutical Cosmetics Food Microbiology Packaging

The FOB4 Stand-alone Lab Sterilizer is an autoclave that combines excellent performances with overall high quality materials and ease of use.

The FOB4 Lab Sterilizer is suitable for the use in laboratory for many different applications, such as:

  • Microbiology and analytical labs;
  • Research institutes and examination agencies;
  • Bio-Technologies and life sciences;
  • Animal facility and clinical diagnostic labs;
  • Pharmaceutical, food, chemistry industries, Q.C. labs;
  • Hospital operating theaters and medical care;
  • Agricultural, environmental and veterinary labs;

These sterilizers have been specially designed with ergonomical features for easy handling of higher volume sterilization materials and goods as: glassware, media preparation, liquids, in open and sealed containers, mixed regular and high risk waste, as well as surgery instruments, textiles, rubber articles for hospital use and packaged tools.

FOB4 Stand-alone Lab Sterilizer is easy to be configured, thanks to its conceptual design and modular construction with a convenient portfolio of optional kits.

In fact, all the models can be configured using various customized systems guaranteed by the wide range of processes, software options and an extensive choice of accessories.

Please, click on the link “suggested kits” on the right to check out all possible configurations referred to FOB4 series.

Design and Technical Features

FOB4 autoclave can be designed in two chamber dimensions: 147 liters (FOB4-TS) with single vertical sliding door or 210 liters (FOB4S-TS – FOB4/L TS) with double vertical sliding door for pass-through purposes. The vertically automatic sliding doors are pneumatically activated for space efficiency in laboratory and hospitals.

FOB4 autoclave has internal AISI 316 L stainless steel plates fed by steam used both as heat-exchanger system for steam pre-heating and to cool the chamber temperature by means of cold softened water. As an option these plates can be used for drying purposes at the end of the cycle.

Fedegari designs laboratory autoclaves combining operators’ safety as well as equipment performances. Hence temperature sensors and pressure transducers assure maximum precision and stability of the sterilization temperature, grant the highest level of safety and guarantee process reproducibility.

FOB4 Lab Sterilizers are equipped with DCS PLUS 10 process controller which is highly flexible: 30 cycles easy to customize in a multi-user environment with a large touch-screen color video-graphic display and interface for remote monitoring via Ethernet control. DCS PLUS 10 process controller is fully validated and documented.


Key benefits

  • Suitable for BSL 3-4 labs
  • Energy and water cost-saving
  • Small foot print with superior loading capacity
  • Ergonomic positioning of adjustable operator display
  • Full and easy accessibility to technical area from front and lateral sides
  • Special test programs for routine check of sterilizer efficiency
  • cGLP compatible data management
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  • Details
  • FOB2 Tab

  • Accessories
  • Optional Kits and Accessories

    316 L stainless steel electric steam generator designed with automatic independent operation and control;
    Pre- and post-vacuum processes
    Decontamination cycle for high-risk pathogenic wastes;
    Exclusive high-efficiency fast-cooling module for liquid programs;
    Sterilization program with complete cycle by steam/air mixture in counterpressure for delicate treatment of small batches as blister packs, contact lenses, carpules, syringes, solutions in glass/plastic bottles or bags (PVC, PP, PE), etc;
    Effluent discharge air filtration kit for wastes treatment with automatic filter sterilization;
    Double bio-sealing flanges for laboratory risk category L3 and L4 and operating theater;
    Hygenic GMP connections for chamber pressure transducer and gauge;
    Slow vacuum program for sterlizing filter membranes and other delicate items;
    Super drying system for perfect final dryinof porous loads, such as fabrics, textiles, package items, etc.;
    Air detector and steam quality kit in compliance with CFPP01-01;
    Automatic program for pharmacopea cycle on hydrolytic resistance of glass containers;
    DCS LINK for remote data archiving on a PC over the 21 CFR Part 11 protocol;
    DCS LOGGER for managing data according to the 21 CFR Part 11 protocol;
    MDD certification possible using optional kit conforming to EU medical directives.

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