Roundtable: Innovation and Smart Manufacturing

13 March 2017

An interesting discussion on the new frontiers of the Industry 4.0, with the participation of Fedegari Quality System Manager, Riccardo Boatti.


Roundtable innovation and smart manufacturing

Roundtable: Innovation & smart manufacturing


Innovation & smart manufacturing

Milan, March 8th 2017 – In the Palace of Culture at Tecniche Nuove was held the Roundtable: “Innovation and Smart Manufacturing”, an opportunity for sharing ideas and experiences. The meeting brought together and compared the entire Italian production chain: from suppliers of enabling technologies, to  automatic machine manufacturers, system integrators, and the manufacturing industry.

Every participant at the roundtable has contributed to make a picture of the current Italian situation, outlining the level of adoption and maturity of the technologies for digitization and process optimization, highlighting practical challenges and tracing the possible implications and opportunities from smart manufacturing.



Discussing the new frontiers of the Industry 4.0


The event, organized by B&R, a provider of automation and control systems, was moderated by Pierantonio Palerma, Editorial Director of Industrial Automation and Automation Integrata (Tecniche Nuove), and Prof. Giuseppe Padula from the University of San Marino.


Ideas, strategies and direct experiences from industry to industry


Along with other essential factors for achieving smart manufacturing, the importance of data management (with its manifold significance and criticality) has been the most cross-concept between the experiences exposed by the featured companies. The acquisition, management and analysis are key to transforming data into useful information, to streamline the production process or to create new business models.  Companies are considering more service-oriented businesses, where the B2B  will most likely merge with the B2C strategies.

The centrality of the customer/user, with more and more urgent and changing needs, has emerged as the lever that drives the machinery manufacturers, integrators, and manufacturing sectors to ensure maximum flexibility in production.

Modularity and scalability are two other concepts related to the introduction of the essential smart manufacturing technologies since industry, size and sector of activity, present different requirements. However, all the participants – from small workshops to large industrial groups – are experiencing the transformation of the industrial system in place.

Common connectivity standards: speaking one language to understand each other and to interact is essential as well as the need to train new professional figures with more transversal skills, slightly less engineers and a little more “creative” mathematicians.

Companies representing the key stakeholders of the Italian production chain, have exposed their practical contributions, with a unique and innovative regarding the implementation of the Industry 4.0 technologies.

Key partner in this chain can be considered B&R, not only as a highly innovative technology provider and common connectivity standard, but also as contributor to the diffusion of the culture of technology, the first level, strong partnerships with companies, built through years of cooperation.



Silvano Casaro, Head of Production Planning and Product Traceability at Rigoni di Asiago

David Buratti, R&D Manager at Ocme

Riccardo Boatti, Quality System Manager at Fedegari

Paolo Casiraghi, Owner at PC-Project

Angelo Brioschi, Technical Director at Negri Bossi

Domenico Ghilardi, CEO at Roboline

Sergio Castagna, Owner at Hubo

Daniele Lippi, Marketing Manager at Datalogic

Nicoletta Ghironi, Marketing & Communication Manager at B&R


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