7 June 2016
The new project, developed by Fedegari in collaboration with its system integrator ICS (International Consultancy Services), confirms SPIMACO standards of excellence.

At the leading edge of pharmaceutical technology, Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries & Medical Appliances Corporation (SPIMACO) has recently acquired an advanced integrated system for contamination control from Fedegari. The new project, developed by Fedegari in collaboration with its system integrator ICS (International Consultancy Services), confirms SPIMACO standards of excellence and its continuous commitment in manufacturing extremely safe drugs while applying innovative solutions and the most reliable technology in the market.


The new agreement is a result of a long-term technology and supply collaboration between Fedegari, ICS and SPIMACO in which the pharmaceutical industry has trusted Fedegari and ICS for many years in designing and manufacturing its high-performance process machines such as steam sterilizers. With the new contract, Fedegari Group will provide four systems to be installed in two different pharmaceutical plants in Saudi Arabia: SPIMACO headquarters, located in Al Qassim, and Dammam Pharma (65% owned by SPIMACO), located in Dammam. Both sites will receive Fedegari sampling and dispensing systems.


Enhancing cost-effectiveness and product safety


The site of Al-Qassim Pharmaceutical Plant covers 150,000 m2, with built area of over 60,000 m2 and is operated by 500 highly qualified professionals. From this central point the produced goods reach everywhere in Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries. Al Qassim will benefit from a two line sampling system composed by conveyors, de-dusting stations (FDM) and controlled areas equipped with down flow booths for sampling operations. SPIMACO headquarters will also count on four dispensing stations equipped with down flow booths (FCP).


The new Dammam Pharma plant will adopt the same concept in a smaller scale: a single line sampling system, with conveyor, de-dusting station and a controlled sampling area with down flow booth. A single dispensing area designed with a down-cross workstation completes the project. Al Qassim and Dammam sampling & dispensing systems have been designed according to ISPE Good Practices Guide: “Assessing the Particulate Containment Performance of Pharmaceutical Equipment” and are at the forefront in contamination control technologies.


Thanks to these systems, SPIMACO will be able to improve its manufacturing capabilities and enhance product safety. Fedegari contamination control technologies will allow SPIMACO to drastically reduce its utilities costs, increasing productivity and responding faster to market demands. In fact, the new design of Fedegari down flow booths has proven to reduce by 40% the total cost of ownership due to highly efficient fans, energy efficient LED line fittings that minimize airflow disruptions, HEPA filters pressure drop reduction and pre-filter area resizing with 50% extra capacity.




SPIMACO was established in 1986 with the main objective of setting up an advanced pharmaceutical industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for local production of medicines and medical appliances. Nowadays SPIMACO is the biggest pharmaceutical manufacturer in Saudi Arabia, which pharmaceutical market value is estimated at US$ 7.3 billion in 2014, accounting for more than half of the whole Gulf countries market. Moreover SPIMACO is expanding its operation across MENA region through acquisition.


“SPIMACO mission is to provide high quality pharmaceutical products of international standards that earn the loyalty of its customers through internal development and strategic alliances to benefit its shareholders, employees, and the society”, says Mr. Fahad bin Ibrahim Al Khalaf, CEO of SPIMACO.


About ICS

International Consultancy Services is a marketing company, established in 1992, based in Amman, Jordan offering marketing advice and support to international companies with a view to promote their products and services in the Middle East. ICS is involved with the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in the region and provides consultancy services, equipment and materials for this industry. ICS has a small, but effective dedicated team and since 1992, has been successful in creating a strong client base in the region particularly in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. ICS has two offices in the region, head office based in Amman, Jordan and a branch office in Homs, Syria.


About Fedegari Group

For many years now, Fedegari has been considered a world-class reference manufacturer in the field of sterile and cleaning processes. Fedegari Autoclavi SpA is the holding company of the Italian industrial group manufacturing customized process machines, plants and the relevant components for the bio/pharmaceutical and food industry worldwide. Fedegari has progressively developed towards a “total solution provider” capable of integrating different machines and processes for high-performance and cost-effective solutions. Today, Fedegari is an industrial group controlling 7 companies worldwide employing more than 430 people with consolidated revenues of 60 MEUR (ref. 2014) of with an export rate of approximately 90%.





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