The 4.0 industry: automated systems and total integration

3 April 2016

The Industry 4.0 corresponds to the fourth industrial revolution, interconnection and intelligent systems: the factory that integrates machinery, people, and products speaking a common language. These factories create a unique production process that is increasingly cost-effective and flexible: you can customize a product according to the demand.


We know that growth and global changes have always revolved around the great innovations. They have also scared many. Right now we are still on the long wave of innovations of earlier centuries, looking forward convergence with all the contemporary innovations in a new industrial revolution. From artificial intelligence to the internet of things, the change will be total. But slowly, as has happened in past centuries, it will redraw everything from production centers to social organization.


The paradox of our times is an excess of liquidity in the world where there is no outlet for productive investment. Even if we talk about crisis, there is no shortage of money in the world. Try to imagine the effect of giving a solid prospect of an economic project to investors. In Italy we have already designed this solutions and are working to face the challanges of the future.


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