The History

… yesterday, today and tomorrow



1953 –  The brothers Fortunato and Giampiero, “metal craftsmen”, establish the Fedegari company in Pavia
1961 – A brave choice: to focus exclusively on the manufacture of sterilizers for the pharmaceutical industry
1973 – The company moves to the works in Albuzzano, 8 km far from Pavia, on an area of 42.000 m2
1982 – The first sterilizer with electronic process controller is built
1991 – A new industrial challenge: to build systems for processes using supercritical liquid CO2
1994 – The Italian Association of Industrial Designers (AIPI) confers the prestigious Leonardo da Vinci award on Fedegari
1994 – The first modular laboratory sterilizer is introduced
1997  – The first liquid CO2 washing machine is built
1999  – Qualitech Srl, a service company for carrying out all after-sales activities, is established
2001 – A new facility dedicated to the assembly of all standard machines is opened in Bedano, Switzerland
2002 – New Inox Srl, a company specializing in stainless steel working, is added to the Fedegari group
2004 – Thema4 process controller, developed by Fedegari’s internal software house, is introduced
2007 – The commercial office of Fedegari Technologies, Inc. is established in the United States (PA)
2007 – The first FOWS machine for a critical application is sold
2008 – The new offices of Fedegari Asia Pte. Ltd. open in Singapore
2009 – Bio Com Srl is acquired: the product range expands to the field of chemical biodecontamination
2011 – New commercial office of Fedegari GmbH opens in Munich, Germany
2012 – The future is around the corner: the first flexible filling workcell in aseptic environment is presented at Achema
2013 – Fedegari sells its first isolator for sterility testing
2014 – Fedegari Technologies moves to new facility in Sellersville, PA (USA) with a state-of-the-art Tech Center
2015 – Fedegari presents its first Training & Education official program
2016 – A new company is established in Italy: Fedegari Handling