Thema4: the same technology behind NASA missions

10 October 2018

For nearly 25 years, Wind River® has provided NASA with the most proven software platform to bring dozens of unmanned systems to space, resulting in some of the most significant space missions in history.

The success of Fedegari process controller Thema4 is based on the same technology used by NASA for over 20 years: Wind River‘s® real time operational system VXWorks.


Wind River provides the intelligence that enables these systems to connect data and perform with determinism, precision, and reliability.

Our most demanding customers recognize the need for a reliable and accurate control of sterile processing. Only an advanced control can guarantee the highest perfomances and the safest operations while assuring data integrity. Thema4 process controller uses RTOS VXWorks. It provides our customers in the pharmaceutical industry with the most advanced technologies in terms of cyber security and data integrity.



Using the same RTOS applied by NASA on its missions, Fedegari  Thema4 process controller can provide the most reliable system which is:

– not subject to cyber attacks;

– stable over time – considering Fedegari machines life cycle of about 25-30 years;

– a closed system that does not allow to make changes compromising security.