Training & Education

The need to increase efficiency and reliability in pharmaceutical manufacturing presents firms with unique opportunities to develop a new business model.


Fedegari has been working on various innovative solutions taking an original approach: rather than focusing on a component or a technology, we are investing in developing deeper knowledge. Our expertise in sterile processes extends beyond engineering and process equipment manufacturing to include knowledge sharing with customers and partners in various levels.


In this perspective, we are currently collaborating with a strategic network of partners including Rowan University, Intel Corporation/Wind River Systems, B&R Automation, Jim Agalloco and Kaye to offer continuous innovation and drive competitiveness for the pharmaceutical industry.


In addition, our Innovative Technology Centers are now ready to offer Training & Education programs that have been designed specifically to share experiences and allow our customers to develop a much deeper understanding of technologies and products.

We are proud to present you with our Training & Education calendar, as part of our ongoing commitment to collaborative innovation.



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