Two men made of steel: Fedegari & Mo

26 July 2017

Two great exhibitions celebrate one of the biggest sculptors of the 20th century  

Antonio Azzolini, Il Ticino – June, 2017


Carlo Mo and his city” is the title of the permanent exhibition of the international sculptor Carlo Mo .  


When he died in 2004 (at the age of 81 years old) he left to Pavia his steel artworks. In the garden of his atelier, at Chiozzo, in Via Mascherpa 2, or in the streets of the city, a dozen notable sculptures are placed in the most characteristic places. The Mo’s sculptures in the city are visible to everyone, though our busy daily routine sometimes threaten our possibility to look up to the sky and noticing one of Mo’s giants. Paola Mo, the sculptor’s daughter, have hosted press and authorities for the presentation of the event, (like the councilor of culture Giacomo Galazzo, the vice president of the Renata Crotti Community Founfation, friend of Mo and publisher of his works, the director of the Consulia bank of Pavia, Guido Caravaggi, who supported the event, the former mayor of Pavia, Andrea Albergati and Prof. Paolo Veronesi of Ibis Edizioni, who presented an illustrative map of the works of Mo in Pavia). The event took place last June 24, starting from Via dei Mille 130 to 18. An itinerary riding a bicycle to discover all the works of the sculptor (for info Fiab Lab of Pavia).
Mo was born in Vicenza. In 1942 he moved to Pavia and remained here for the rest of his life. Today, thanks to his international success, his works are placed in some of the most important Italian and foreign museums. The Madagascar government commissioned him to build a monument to the “Portatore” Maslgascio (Hight 11 m.).
In the Park of Cesano Boscone there is another monument (4×4 stainless steel welded and boxed in Pavia).


At the Forlanini Airport of Linate there is Halley (7×4 meters) In the headquarters of the “Medio Credito Lombardo” of Piazza Cadorna in Milan there is “Evolution“, a cinematographic sculpture made in steel. The Mo’s masterpieces in Pavia are at about dozen. Most of them are in an excellent condition except “La Deposizione”, nearby the Duomo Cathedral, a gift to teh Handcrafts Association in the occasion of its 50th anniversary.


Alboino e Teodolinda” the impressive sculpture nearby Policlinico, was gifted in 1995 to the city by Fortunato Fedegari in loving memory of his brother: Giampiero Fedegari. Today, after 22 years, the company is still taking care of it.

Two steel man: Fedegari and Mo

The “Longobards” is the monumental artwork of Carlo Mo donated to Pavia by one of the founders of Fedegari Autoclavi (Pavia, Italy): Fortunato Fedegari. Carlo Mo used to say: “It does not matter life to be long, the important thing is that is wide“. Fortunato Fedegari and Carlo Mo knew the secret to extend life. After the artist’s death, Fortunato Fedegari is used to remember him with these words: “Carlo Mo, for me and my family was like a brother. He witnessed me when I got married. Other workers considered hime one of them, while acknowledging the great prestige he emanated. It is not fair to say that we were his patrons because we have always considered the Mo-Fedegari binomial as a logical and natural thing. Today, exporting our products throughout the world, we are still aware of the pride of declaring us “pavesi” and our “symbiosis” with Carlo Mo“.