16 October 2018

Fedegari Group & Life Scientific Inc. present the Webinar ‘KEY FACTORS OF DEVELOPING THE MOST EFFECTIVE CLEANING STRATEGY’.

Guest speaker: Jim Agalloco

Tune in on Wednesday, October 24th at 11:45 CST at this link!!

After the great success of our latest e-book, we invite you to join the Webinarthat will help you on the development of the most effective cleaning procedure for your needs.

You’ll have the opportunity to hear Mr. Jim Agalloco, one of the main experts in clean and sterile processes in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.

Additionally, Maria Luisa Bernuzzi and Daniela Martigani, Fedegari R&D experts, will discuss the key factors of a cleaning strategy and present a couple of case studies that will showcase different cleaning methods including validation aspects.

This presentation was developed in collaboration with Life Scientific Inc. due to the high interest on the topic.

If you cannot watch it live, don’t worry:  the webinar will be registered and available at Fedegari and Life Scientific youtube channel from October 25th.



Send your cleaning questions to the experts!

We encourage you to send us your questions about cleaning to be answered by Fedegari experts and Jim Agalloco during the webinar. Click here to send your questions by Thursday, October 18th.



Didn’t have the chance to read the E-book?

Fedegari recently published an E-book regarding this matter with multiple case studies to provide you comprehensive advice on how to develop a cleaning strategy.

Download it here